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Find New Job strives to create long-term partnership, helping international and local companies reach their goals by hiring the best qualified talents on the IT market.

We are open to make strategic alliances with experienced European recruitment agencies and rely on each other to achieve more, grow together and deliver superior value to the world’s most innovative companies.

The Ukrainian IT sector is by large an outsourcing service industry. Over 60% of Ukrainian IT companies provide software development services to tech companies and enterprises based in the USA and Western Europe. Businesses come to Ukraine for engineering talent, and it’s not only about cutting development costs but also about finding rare tech expertise and reducing time to market of their products.

Our purpose is to connect the greatest Ukrainian IT talents with the world’s top companies while cultivating a work environment that reflects our values: be reliable, hard work in driving results, have big passion in regular growth.

Together with our partners Odessa Business School Wave and Hillel IT School, we provide education programs with further employment in Ukraine.

Find New Job is open to collaborate with European recruitment companies and create fruitful partnership which will deliver high quality candidates and customized staffing solutions designed to improve productivity and drive results to the worldwide innovative IT companies. We believe, constantly growing business need the best technology talent. No two companies are alike and neither should their talent acquisition strategy.

By partnering with us, you will gain an access to a consistent stream of elite and diverse tech professionals, creating a more dynamic and collaborative workforce.


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